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Maanas India Foundation, since 17th May, 2017, has been the pioneer of social services in Delhi-NCR, India. The organization has kept its promises made in oath book.

We have left no stone unturned to perform the social utility activities that reach to the end user and deserved one. Maanas India Foundation has been elevating the social awareness through organizing numerous campaigns (elaborated further) at various forums/places/events since the date of commencement. The dedicated team of humanitarians and social workers has been educating the under-privileged kids, teenagers, youths and women as well as improvising their life skills through encouraging the decent social behaviour within them.

Maanas India Foundation deeply believes that Transformation comes within and so Sh. Mohit Sharma, Founder and the other members of organization continuously catering social services to marginalised/under-privileged section of society.

The humanitarian assistances of Maanas India Foundation comprise;

  • Educating and empowering the less privileged
  • Upliftingthe individual development of needy kids, teenagers, youths and women.
  • Disbursing hands-on education to signify the diverse profiles of our society
  • Turning the imaginings of under privileged people into pragmatism.
  • Transforming lives and communities through catering to social services.
  • Effectuating the dream of safe, healthy and educated society
  • Influencing awareness of health problems, women empowerment and value of education.

We are dreaming and heading towards an India where every child gets adequate education, every youth gets an opportunity to succeed, and every woman gets equal treatment in society."

In order to keep our mentioned promises, Maanas India Foundation organized regular events particularized further: