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Cloth Distribution Drive

Cloth Distribution Drive -  In order to accomplish the social drive of Maanas India Foundation, we have initiatedthe cloth distribution drive and successfully accomplished five distribution drives between 15th of December 2017 to 15th January, 2018 at various places Central & East Delhi. We distributed the winter/summer clothes (i.e. Sweater, shawls, socks, woollen caps, scarves, thermals etc.), quilts and blankets to help the needy sleeping roadside in the freezing nights as well as the slum residents of Yamuna Bank Khadar.

We distributed the new blankets and old but reusable clothes under the name of “Vastra Vitaran: Ek Maanas Sankalp”.  Maanas India Foundation is sincerely grateful to our volunteers involving cloth distribution drive, some of the notable volunteers are; Sh. R.K. Kaushik, Ms. Vandana Shukla, Ms. Bhawna Sharma, Sh. Sanee Gupta, Sh. Gautam Tripathi, Ms. Barkha Sh. Deepak Sharma, Sh. Ashwani Rana and tireless efforts of Maanas India Executive Members.

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