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Free Food Distribution

Free Food Distribution - The Free Food Distribution program of Maanas India is a mission to strengthen the right to nutrition and food safety of India by providing nutritionand food assistance to the children, womenor individuals of underprivilegedfamilies on weekly basis at various places of East Delhi, including Pandav Nagar, Yamuna Bank Khadar, Shakarpur School Block among others.

From 22th October 2017 onwards, Maanas India Foundation distributes free food to the hungry men, women and children. The program is solely being managed by the core members of Maanas India Foundation with support from Jindal Departmental Store, Shri Balaji Jewellers, Gaurav Gyan Dental Clinic, Barkha Art Centre.

Free Food Distribution “Maanas Bhog Vitaran”has actively been providing free food to the people belonging to below socio-economic status. It is conducted as a regular basis in many areas across the East Delhi, additionally, we provide food and cooking materials in the case of calamities or natural disaster.On an average, we have distributed food to over 5000 people in East Delhi.

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