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Free Education Drive

Free Education Drive – From 14thJanuary 2018 onwards, Maanas India Foundation take oath to cater free education to the underprivilegedchildren below 18 years, women and adults.

Maanas India Foundation declares with great joy towards strengthening the determination to move forward in its social work and ensures the following works at Yamuna Bank Khadar, East Delhi with the help of our members.

Child Education - Providing free education to the children of Yamuna Bank residents. Helping the students in completing the school work and course works.

Prepare them with language skills, competitive exams.

Organize cultural celebrations on the occasion of various national and religious festivals and encourage and train them to participate in those events.

Encourage participation in painting, poetry reading, essay writing and cultural work.

Encourage and train them for ethical education, spiritual education and physical education (yoga-exercise).

Providing skill in the art of handicraft, idol, bouquet and other materialsmaking.

Entertainment (dance, acting and theatrical arts training) and sports promotion.

Women education - The organization is determined to educate and make women self-reliant, providing basic education to women.

Prepare them with language skills, reading and writing.

General Mathematics and basic calculation

Music, General Home Science and other art (Mehndi, makeup and beauticiancourses)

Trainthem for sewing, embroidery, knitting etc.

Skill development in cooking, cleaning and other household activities.

Maanas India Foundation is sincerely grateful to the hon’ble teachers and other notable professional who are donating their time to educate the children at the free education point of Maanas India Foundation, i.e. Sh. R.K. Kaushik, Ms. Barkha Sharma, Ms. Neelam Dedha, Mrs. Anuradha SharmaMs. Vandana Shukla, Sh. Sanee Gupta, Sh. Gautam Tripathi, Sh. Ashwani Rana and other Executive Members Maanas India.

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